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How It Works?

Your Step-by-Step Gateway to Global TV

Content Submission

Provide us with links to the content you wish to broadcast. It could be an entire channel, selected playlists, or individual video clips.

Recommendation and Agreement

Based on the information provided, we will prepare recommendations for platforms where your channel can be launched. This step is solidified with a formal agreement to ensure a mutual understanding of the partnership

Channel Creation and Launch

We begin crafting your channel, scheduling your content, and preparing for the grand launch on the selected platforms.

AI Language Dubbing (in beta)

You could add dubbing in different languages to make your content accessible to a global audience.

Visual Enhancement and Content Management

Elevate your content with additional visual effects, crafting an immersive viewing experience for audiences across all platforms.

Channel Goes Live

Your channel is now live! Viewers from across the globe can tune in and enjoy your content broadcasted seamlessly.

Performance Review and Content Adjustment

Every three months, we'll analyze your channel's performance statistics. Based on this data, we'll work with you to make content adjustments if necessary, ensuring your channel continues to grow and engage your audience.

TV-Ready Visual Flair & Content Mastery

Elevate your videos with striking visual enhancements and expert content management, crafting a television-centric spectacle that captivates audiences.

Content Curation

Empower your channel with the choice to personally select content or let our AI prediction system intuitively manage your stream for maximum viewer engagement.

Audio Optimization

Experience crystal-clear sound with our audio optimization that ensures compatibility and quality across all devices.

Screen Size Optimization

Every frame is refined to look its best, guaranteeing your content adapts flawlessly to any TV screen size.

Language Dubbing

Expand your reach with professional dubbing services that bring your content to life in multiple languages.

Color Tuning

Our advanced color tuning enhances the visual appeal, ensuring your videos pop with vibrant, true-to-life colors.

Turnkey Integration

Seamless integration into existing systems with a full-service solution that simplifies your broadcast workflow.


Universal Content Import

Seamlessly import your stories from any video file format or content platform, ensuring your channel always showcases your latest creations.


Omnipresent Channel Distribution

With our technology, your channel gains the power to broadcast across any TV platform, placing your content on the global stage.


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